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jarek October 17, 2007 10:52

tangential furnace
Does somebody know what kind of outlet condition is the most correct? Maybe instead this I should use opening condition but dont know anything about temperature behind superheater. Still I find too high temperatures and no convergence. Maybe this is transient phenomena-but even with this I cant find convergence. Helb is strongly needed. If somebody have experience in this I ask very much about contact.

Chirag October 18, 2007 00:19

Re: tangential furnace
What exactly is the system? How are you modelling 'superheater'?


jarek October 18, 2007 07:27

Re: tangential furnace
Power of furnace about 1GW. I model particle tracking because furnace is running on pulverized lignite. Superheater I model as few plate with temperature boundary condition. Probably heat flux would be better but I dont have sufficient data. Did you make some simmilar smulations?

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