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Marion October 18, 2007 13:04

lift and drag coefficient

I am studying the airfoil NACA 23012 in ANSYS CFX 11.0, and I would like to see the lift and drag coefficient (or force) in CFX-post.

Does anybody know how I can see them?

Many thanks in advance!!!

Anantha October 18, 2007 15:28

Re: lift and drag coefficient
Hello Marion,

This has been discussed in this forum many times. Please see the archives. Any ways, in simple words: Force you can get directly from the post. See the functions. Normalize it with dynamic head. Small expression will do. You have the coefficients ready.

Regards Anantha

Mini October 18, 2007 16:36

Re: lift and drag coefficient
Ok sorry I hadn't seen that I could search for my answer in the archives...No comment... :) Thanks!

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