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Jarek October 22, 2007 06:18

Tangentially pulverized coal fired furnace
Welcome again. I have written earlier few times about my problems. Maybe I wont write about it again. I have something different. My fuel is lignite with combustion heat 7.961 MW/kg (so heat power of my furnace is about 1GW). I checked heat flux on the walls and found that only through walls I loose about 737MW. My boundary condition on the walls is costant temperature 700K but I also for fun checked heat transfer coefficient 100W/m2K with outside temperature 30 K. I did it because I have noticed that there is no effect of changin different reaction parameters and boundary conditions. I changed also combustion heat to level 1.961 W/kg (in that case heat power of furnace is 246 MW). It is strange but heat flux through walls is greater than this one generated during combustion - 668 MW. Please about some advise. Jarek

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