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VISHNU October 23, 2007 02:38

problem during meshing
is there any limitation on the number of elements in a model, for the model to be imported into cfx-pre.I'm working with a model with 36 lakhs elements,but i'm not able to creat ".gtm" file.At the end of meshing(using ansys cfx-mesh) i got a message "There was a problem converting the mesher output into GTM database D\vishnu" though i have enoughf space on hard disk.

Glenn Horrocks October 23, 2007 08:08

Re: problem during meshing

Mesh size limits are discussed in the documentation. Forget about running big meshes with 32 bit machines for pre and post processing. Even if you have heaps of parallel licenses you will not be able to create the gtm or def file or post process it in CFX-Post.

By the way: I have no idea what 36 lakhs elements means. I assume that's a lot.

Glenn Horrocks

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