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Dan O'Brien October 24, 2007 11:57

process vessel spray ball modelling
I was wondering if anybody has experience in the area of modelling a spray ball which is used to wash the internals of a process vessel. I have come across very little info on the subject area. We hope to model (in 2-D) the vessel and sprayball(s) with a view to varying pressures/flowrates/spray ball configurations etc to optimise the CIP process. Pressures & velocities were the inputs required in Flotran - are similar inputs required for ANSYS CFX and if so how can we infer adequate vessel cleaning from pressures/velocities?

I would appreciate any assistance with the above. Regards, Dan

Glenn Horrocks November 5, 2007 18:15

Re: process vessel spray ball modelling

Setup in CFX will be similar to Flotran. How do you infer vessel cleaning from the jet properties? Good question, that is for you to research I think. Should be plenty of studies of that sort of thing around.

Glenn Horrocks

Dan O'Brien November 6, 2007 11:10

Re: process vessel spray ball modelling
Many thanks for your response Glenn. Regards, Dan

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