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alberto October 28, 2007 07:34

i have bought cfx 11.0

I have bought cfx 11.0 and i have a new computer with windows vista!

I try to install cfx 11.0 and the installation had been completed, but when i want to work, and when i try to open cfx pre 11.0 e didn't open.

Someone can tell me if there is any problem of compatibility with cfx-11.0 and windows vista?

Thanks a lot.

Usman October 28, 2007 13:28

Re: i have bought cfx 11.0
Yes there is a problem of Compatibility with windows vista. I know it because one of my colleague had the same problem because he is using windows vista. I will ask him how he sorted the problem and then let you know. By the way how did you buy CFX? I thought its not feasible to this product. How much did you buy it for?

Regards Usman

Glenn Horrocks October 28, 2007 17:29

Re: i have bought cfx 11.0

ANSYS and CFX supports Vista if you install V11 SP1. You have to install the service pack.

Glenn Horrocks

alberto October 29, 2007 10:11

Re: i have bought cfx 11.0

Sory, but where i can download this file?

what kind of file is it? thanks a lot. alberto

alberto October 29, 2007 10:16

Re: i have bought cfx 11.0
Thanks a lot! if o can talk with your friend and after tell something, it will be very nice.

I am student of one university in portugal, and my teacher give the program, to make the "tese". I need the program working well the sooner is possible.

Wooster October 29, 2007 11:14

Re: i have bought cfx 11.0
I got SP1 from the Ansys customer portal. Your re-seller should be able to set you up with an account. Afterwards, go to the download section and you should see the SP1 downloads. Unfortunately, you are required to un-install ANSYS CFX and then re-install the SP1.


alberto October 29, 2007 16:18

Re: i have bought cfx 11.0
i have tryed searching this file but i didnīt find it!

Can you tell me where i can find it?


wooster October 29, 2007 16:26

Re: i have bought cfx 11.0
ok, I went through this myself so I know each step. first go to

then go to the customer portal.

You should have a ID (email) and a password. If not, call your reseller.

Once you are in, go to the "Get Software" section (its on the left for my portal).

Pick the top selection "Software Download". DO NOT pick the other two as they don't apply for version 11.

It will verify that you are a customer so hit continue.

At this point you should see the list of programs available and they should have a SP1 title attached to them. Just pick the one you want (CFX) and download.

If you don't see this, let your re-seller/tech support know. By the way, I noticed you said you were from Portugal. I found Lisbon to be nice during this time of year. hope this helps. -W

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