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Bloshchitsyn Vladimir October 29, 2007 04:06

Realizing algorithm in CFX
Hello! I want realize algorithm for computing source term ( x, y, z) in CYLINDER region (subdomain):

1) Calculate inegral for specified Z section ( to determine ~ E electric field by current ) ... Intergal will be dounle summ of Temperature ( Function of temperature ) by x and y

2) Calculate source term using resuls of step 1)

AFAIK, for this procedure I should use functions like described there

<QUOTE>---------------------- 1 - USER_CALC_INFO to determine the LOCALE and ENTITY for step 3

2 - USER_GETVAR to get the "vector variable"

3 - USER_GET_MESHDATA to get the Normal Area Vector. Here you must use WHAT='Normal Area Vector", WHERE=Faces|Integration Points depending if ENTITY=CENTRE|IP

4 - USER_GET_MESHDATA to get the Volume Sector using WHAT='Volume', and WHERE='Sectors'

Then, pass the stack pointers into a local routine that will compute something like (be careful with indexing and array shapes).

DO I = 1, N



Can you present, this algorithm more detailed?

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