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Mary October 30, 2007 10:58

dam break problem
Good afternoon!

I am trying to simulate the dam break problem in ANSYS-CFX 11.0 I created the geometry, the mesh..the most easy! But now I am in CFX-pre, and I don't know how to start... How can I add a "rectangle" of water : I have to made it in the initialisation? Create a subdomain? Change my geometry?

(I have made the tutorial about the free surface, but for the dam it is quite different...)

Is someone can help me to start my project, give me advice ?

Thanks in advance!

Juan Catelén October 30, 2007 13:23

Re: dam break problem
You can prepare the mesh before importing it into the pre to then create two different domains, one with water and one with air. Or you can use and expression in iniatialization to set the initial volumes fractions. Which program did you use to make the mesh? Remember that you can't use adaptive mesh now because you need to make a transient run.

Mini October 30, 2007 14:54

Re: dam break problem
Thanks for your answer...

Indeed I have made it with the fraction volume set in the "expressions"(finally I succeeded in this afternoon :D it really wasn't easy!!!)

I use ICEM to create my mesh, i have done a simple Hexa mesh unstructured.

Now I am thinking about the transient regime yes... But I don't know what you mean by "adaptativ mesh"...

In fact I have done a first simulation until CFXpost, it is far to be perfect :)... I have to set a good velocity for the water at the initial condition (I suppose it is (rho g H)^0.5 )... I have to better describe the time steps..and certainly a lot of other things :)

Let's keep in touch :) I certainly will need you later :D because you seem to know this simulation...

If you have advice, I take them :)

encoced April 6, 2013 16:13

can u put your mesh file ?

sahand saghari June 1, 2013 12:50

help me about dam break test code
hi every body
does any body have a code about dam break problem????:confused:
if you have please send me by this email

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