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Michelle November 2, 2007 02:45

FSI simulation thermal analysis

I'm simulating a fluid flow in an stainless pipe. I want to ask if I can use two way FSI to compute for the changes in temperature in both the pipe and fluid. I saw a demo about one way FSI where the wall temperature of the fluid was solved first and then loaded it as initial condition of the inside wall of the pipe. However, I want to know the effect of this heat loss to the temperature of the fluid. Do you have any suggestion on how to do it guys? Thanks!

Much appreciated, Michelle

johnny November 3, 2007 07:56

Re: FSI simulation thermal analysis
You can do a CHT problem in CFX - you wouldn't need a two way FSI if all you were trying to solve was heat conduction in the solid domain. If you need the thermal stresses in the solid, or the deformation of the solid is significant, then a two way FSI is necessary.

Michelle November 3, 2007 10:15

Re: FSI simulation thermal analysis
Thanks a lot johnny!! I will try advise. Thanks again!

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