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subba November 2, 2007 11:08

Mesh size with ICEM
Dear Friends,

I have a problem with ICEM probably with mesh size. I generate hexa mesh with my code and write a output file in to tecplot format. then, I am uploading it in to ICEM using import grid, tecplot format option. When I try to output to CFX in ICEM, I am getting a error message says that "couldn't fork child process: not enough memory"

The size of the grid file is 775MB. Single domain contains 8,516,784 nodes and 8,670,173 hexa elements.

I am working with Workbench which came along with CFX11, 64bit version.

My system configuration: 64bit, Redhat Linux, 8Gb ram.

Yes, I read previous discussions and accoding to them I am somewhere near to the limit with 8GB ram, but all discussions, atleast what I found, were about 32bit machine.

One more thing is that I am planning to use LES model to simulate turbulent flow. SO, could any one suggest me how much memory I may need to handle this grid? and for simulation? Thank you very much.

Any comment would greatlly help to me.

Thanks in advance.

I have tested with grid upto 2.7GB elements and ICEM and CFX with LES, working fine!

Regards, Subba

Glenn Horrocks November 4, 2007 18:26

Re: Mesh size with ICEM

You might have to try another mesh format to be more memory efficient or get more memory. Also make sure no other memory hungry software is running while you do it so the maximum is available for the import.

The memory requirements for this mesh are discussed in the manual.

Glenn Horrocks

subba November 5, 2007 11:57

Re: Mesh size with ICEM
Hi Glen,

Thanks for reply and I will check in the manual.


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