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Susan November 5, 2007 06:17

Extrude mesh in ICEM CFD
My model is that the fluid flows into a cylindrical chamer, then through a round porous medium, and flows out from the other cylindrical champer. The flow and boundary are axisymmetric. First I created two parts, fluid and porous, blocking and meshing in 2D, then extrude them into 3D mesh. I opened it in CFX, use boundary condition as symmetric, then the result is wrong. I think there are some problems with the extrude mesh, but failed to figure it out. Is there anybody can give me help? Thanks a lot!

Susan November 5, 2007 07:26

Re: Extrude mesh in ICEM CFD
When Extrude Mesh, what do the 'New side part and top part' mean?Just let 'New volume part name, New side part name, new top part name' are inherited, whether is it fine?

Glenn Horrocks November 5, 2007 18:10

Re: Extrude mesh in ICEM CFD
Hi Susan,

If you are new to meshing and CFD can I recommend you use Workbench instead of ICEM? It is much easier to use and for simple meshes you can get good results much quicker.

Glenn Horrocks

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