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studentCFD November 6, 2007 00:36

RPM (+/-) thumb rule
hello guys!

While defining angular velocity to any mesh,what is the thumb rule?

Suppose im looking from the negative z and i want the geometry to revolve around z,say in negative y direction(as can be seen in gui),then while defining rpm,it will be positive or negative?

help required.thanks.

Glenn Horrocks November 6, 2007 06:19

Re: RPM (+/-) thumb rule

The thumb rule is if you want the rotation to be in the direction your fingers point then your thumb points in the vector which represents that rotation. In a right hand coordinate system (CFX and most of the world uses a right hand coordinate system) you use your right hand for this.

This is high school level mathematics. I hope this is not new to you - if it is then I fear CFD will be beyond you for a little while yet.

Glenn Horrocks

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