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David Wang November 7, 2007 04:25

BladeGen problem

I have two question about BladeGen software.My version is V11.0. The one question, does BladeGen can deal with propeller geometric model which used in ship? I can't find out any information in help files.

Another question, when I use the Data Import Wizard Guide, it told me not find bgImport.hlp files. Where can I get it?

In addition, is this version v11.0? In What's New table , it shows as below:

"BladeGen 10.0 incorporates the following new features:


BladeGen now uses the ANSYS Licensing Manager.

TurboGrid Export

Additional information is provided to TurboGrid about the blade (e.g. units and leading and trailing edge types) to minimize user input when preparing a mesh in TurboGrid (Version 10.0 or later.)"


Pankaj November 7, 2007 08:24

Re: BladeGen problem
HI David!

With Bladegenv11 Vista design for centrigugal compressor and pump is new,also in cfx tutorials u will find both tutorials for pump as well as compressor describing from bladegen,turbogrid to cfx.

Yaa in bladegen u can deal with propeller geometries, u can find one axial fan example,search for .bgd files through windows,u will find all examples.

Also for any helps u can type in the search index from bladegen help from bg gui.

I think alomost all things u r searching will be available now.

Regards, Pankaj.

David Wang November 8, 2007 01:06

Re: BladeGen problem
Hi Pankaj:

Thank you for your response.

I have already done the tutorial practice of axial fan. But my model is a high skew propeller with NCCA16. The blade tip only has one point, but bladegen require the blade has a surface in shroud. Need I change the geomotry? If it need change,how to do? If I Only change the blade tip to a small surface, it's grid quality plotting in trubogrid will be very bad. Cloud you give me some advice about this problem?

David Wang November 8, 2007 01:30

Re: BladeGen problem
In addition, I have the BladeGen.hlp file, but there have little content to introduce the IMPORT DATA WIZARD funtion. It tell me to refer to the bgImport.hlp file, however, I searched this file and not find it in my windows. It's not install problem.My version is 11.0 and I don't kown whether it have in ANSYS Product 11 sp1 version.

Regards, David.

pankaj November 21, 2007 08:30

Re: BladeGen problem
hi david!

too late to reply.

bladegen is a kind of software where u need to practice a lot with all type of geometries.

as it uses r theta z cordinate system,u can get cordinates if u know x,y,z.

help will just describe u how to start,no more details r there.u have to do it of your own and ofcourse it comes with every version,search in "C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\v110\AISOL\BladeModeler\BladeGen".

Regards, Pankaj.

ashwani.thakur April 2, 2016 05:18

Calculating warp angle and flow angles
Can any one guide me as to how calculate the Warp angle and flow angle from the airfoil shape, I have airfoil data of rotor blade but hoe to input the blade angles from it in ti blade gen.


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