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Tim Donohue November 8, 2007 20:31

ANSYS CFX meshing bed of particles

I have a simulated bed of spherical particles that are drawn in vrml 2.0, which I convert to an iges file through Solidworks. I can then import the iges file into the ANSYS geometry modeller making sure to simplify topology and geometry. I then extrude a cylinder to enclose the particles and use create>body operation>cut material to remove the particles. When I try and mesh this geometry though I get errors. The most common ones are;- *the volume mesher cannot continue. it is contiually adding and removing the same elements *No boundary edge found

I am not very experienced with this software so I am unsure of how to deal with these problems. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Tim.

Glenn Horrocks November 11, 2007 06:44

Re: ANSYS CFX meshing bed of particles

Generally this is caused by the mesher trying to put too large elements in a small gap. Check that you mesh is fine enough to resolve the geometry.

Glenn Horrocks

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