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drew November 9, 2007 18:23

particle injection at single point

I am modeling air at 25 degrees C in a cross-section of a straight capillary. At the inlet I set mass flow rate and at the outlet I set static pressure. I would like to inject a single solid, one-way coupled particle at the point where the flow is fully developed. The location of this particle injection would not be on any regions that I previously defined. Is it possible to do this without using FORTRAN?


Glenn Horrocks November 11, 2007 06:38

Re: particle injection at single point

The available options to generate particle track origins is clearly discussed in the documentation.

Glenn Horrocks

drew November 19, 2007 16:01

Re: particle injection at single point

From what I read, to do this I would need to create a user routine which can only be done with fortran. I would also like to add lift forces on the particle. Is this something that must be done in fortran or can I use a cel equation? Thanks.


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