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Jonathan Lemay November 10, 2007 09:15

Burning a CH4-H2 Mixture
Dear CFD user

I want to run a reacting case burning an homogeneous mix of Methane and Hydrogen (of igual proportion 50:50). Unfortunately it seems this mixture reaction is not present in the librairies. What I tried instead is to established two reacting material (CH4-Air mixture and H2 Air mixture: both beeing reacting mixture). My domain was then multi-component field. I established both component as homogenous. Unfortunatly I am stock with this error:

One constraint equation is needed in the fluid model section for the multi-component fluid. Hydrogen Air mixture.

I cannot run my case and the solver give me an error. Does anybody know how to set-up a Burning Mixture of two different fuel?


joey2007 November 12, 2007 16:10

Re: Burning a CH4-H2 Mixture
The libraries provided with CFX are for demonstration. For real use the tool CFX-RIF is required. With CFX-RIF you can generate libraries.

Jonathan Lemay November 12, 2007 18:01

Re: Burning a CH4-H2 Mixture
Thanks joey

Is there anyone who would have this library already done? I do not have access to this software who generate the librairies. From the ANSYS page, it seems pretty easy to generate in my case.


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