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Bloshchitsyn Vladimir November 18, 2007 23:19

Surface integral calculation by undefined area

I need calculate E(z,t)=∫FUNC(x,y,z,t)*dx*dy expression in specified domain...

I want realize next algorithm:

1) Searching elements in layer zδ 2) Select integrations point and area vectors by USER_GET_MESHDATA function with option "normal area vector" 3)Calculate function FUNC in nodes by getting fields in nodes (NLOCs) by USER_GETVAR function 4)Calculate expression 'J([EJ_AIP1+ EJ_AIP2+… EJ_AIPN], [0 0 1] ) * FUNC

Can you give me some advices about this algorithm?

P.S. Do I get area of faces or sectors At 2) step?... In manual: "normal area vectors at integration points"


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