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jakjak November 20, 2007 21:16

Simulating high pressure burst flow
I am looking into simulation a high pressure burst flow from a pilot hole, which is perpendicular to the flow direction. Would anyone be able to give some advice as to how I would proceed or watch out when doing such simulation?

I have did several trial run (with a ~70k nodes mesh), the momentum doesn't seem to converge well in most cases.

Any advice/questions/feedbacks are welcome.

thank you in advance.

Glenn Horrocks November 21, 2007 17:17

Re: Simulating high pressure burst flow

What pressure are you using? You need very fine timesteps for this type of simulation.

Glenn Horrocks

jakjak November 21, 2007 22:06

Re: Simulating high pressure burst flow
Hi Glenn,

I have started those initial runs as steady state simulation (Is this a valid starting point?) I was trying to get the boundary conditions right.

Anyway, for geometry I have the burst line that is about 10% diameter of the main tube size (~ 1 in.). The simulated burst pressure is in the range of 40-80psi. The flow in the main tubing is subsonic but this burst line would be a supersonic flow based on this burst pressure (?)

How would one setup (or even approach) a problem like this? Any ideas?


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