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KM November 21, 2007 13:47

Pressure averaging at the outlets.
Hi there,

For pressure specified outlet boundary conditions, fluent has one option 'Radial equilibrium pressure distribution'. While CFX-11 seems to have two options for the Pressure Averaging at the pressure outlets. 1) Average Over Whole Outlet 2) Circumferential.

Is 'Circumferential averaging' in CFX equivalent to 'Radial equilibrium pressure distribution' in Fluent?

I woould be very much thankful to you for your help !

Many Thanks,

Best Regards, KM.

CycLone November 21, 2007 17:42

Re: Pressure averaging at the outlets.
Hi KM,

With a Radial Equilibrium boundary condition, the specified pressure applies only to the position of minimum radius (relative to the axis of rotation) at the boundary. The static pressure on the rest of the zone is calculated from the assumption that radial velocity is negligible, so that the pressure gradient is given by

dp/dr = rho*v_theta^2/r

The Average Static Pressure boundary condition solves for the static pressure implicitely and will acheive an equilibrium static pressure profile. In the limit of zero radial velocity and swirling flow this is equivalent to radial equilibrium. A radial equilibrium static pressure profile is better than a fixed static pressure at swirling outlets, but it is still explicit and will result in a non-physical static pressure profile at the outlet. The CFX equivalent would be to specify the Static Pressure as an radial equilibrium expression (i.e. integrate the above equation), but I would suggest using the Average Static Pressure condition instead.

Other options: 1) Average over the whole outlet: The pressure is allowed to float over the whole outlet, or you can specify a specific region over which to evaluate the area averaged static pressure. There is no equivalent of this in Fluent

2) Circumferential: If this option is picked you will need to specify a one dimenstional spanwise profile. The solver will match/fix the circumferentially averaged pressure at each location, but allows the circumferential profile to float. A single value just means the circumferentially averaged profile is constant. There is no equivalent to this in Fluent.

Note that similar options are available for Mass Flow specified outlets. The default for Mass Flow outlets is also to let the static pressure and local mass flux to float, but match the specified mass flow. Options are also available to shift a pressure profile at a mass flow outlet, circumferentially match a pressure profile, etc.


KM November 23, 2007 14:50

Re: Pressure averaging at the outlets.
Dear CycLone, Thank you very much for helping me again with your detailed reply. It helps a lot. Many Thanks, KM.

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