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Jesus November 26, 2007 09:16

ICEM won't let me delete parts
Hi everybody,

I try to delete some parts after adding all their components (points, curves, surfaces, vertices, lines, blocks, etc...) to another one, but when I click on some other part, they appear again! This is very annoying, cause I have some 100 parts in the list and would like to reduce the number. Does anybody know any reason why I can't delete empty parts?

Thanks in advance, Jesus

myron November 27, 2007 12:05

Re: ICEM won't let me delete parts
There may be some 'dormant' entities (points and/or curves) in those parts. If you right-click on points and/or curves and select 'show dormant' you may see some of these shown in a gray color. You can also right-click on the part name and select 'Delete Part' and it will delete the part and everything in it.

Jesus November 27, 2007 12:15

Re: ICEM won't let me delete parts
That's the point, I cannot delete them, they always reappear! I asked ICEM to show me dormant entities, but there's nothing. When I ask for information, ICEM says there's 1 body... but I see nothing! Thanks anyway.

u2berggeist November 9, 2015 17:45

Same problem here 8 years later. If anyone else has a solution, let me know. I've already saved the project, closed and opened the program, and even imported (and hit replace to get rid of everything), but guess what? THE PARTS ARE STILL THERE!! This is incredibly annoying.

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