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kpv November 27, 2007 19:56

Periodic surface mesh for Turbomachinery
I am modelling a turbine blade passage with rotational periodicity. However instead of having the blade (solid body) at the middle of the domain, I prefer to have them as boundaries of the blade passsage in the circumferential sense (r-theta). I would like to set the surfaces upstrteam and downstream of the blade periodic. Since the blade leading and trailing edge vertices are common to the upstream and downstream faces, the blade faces are also set to be periodic by ICEM. Does anyone know how to avoid this? Basically I only want to set the upstream and downstream faces to be periodic and not the blade faces although they share common vertices.

Anantha November 28, 2007 03:51

Re: Periodic surface mesh for Turbomachinery

If you do not want the whole blade (solid) in the middle of the fluid domain, the other way is to model the sector (one blade passage) in such a way that the blade is split in to two halves. Each half will fall along the periodic surface. You apply the wall boundary condition for the blade surface and the rest periodic. Hope this explains your query.

Regards Anantha

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