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Surfinggirl December 2, 2007 13:37

Area-averaged Nusselt number
Hello together!

I'm investigating a jet impingement cooling arrangement using cfx11.0 and I want to calculate the area averaged Nusselt number of different areas of the target surface. Now my question; how can I divide the target surface (which is one domain in cfx till now) in several areas using cfx post. And how can I calculate the area averaged Nusselt number of these surfaces?

Hope you can help me! Thank you

Glenn Horrocks December 2, 2007 17:20

Re: Area-averaged Nusselt number

The best way is to define them as separate regions in meshing then it is easy to get the results in post-processing. If the target surface has different facets you can still get CFX-post to calculate based on the facets. If you want to sub-divide a larger surface in CFX-Post you can use the bounds option or a user surface with method "from contour" and make the defining contour X/Y/Z functions to define the region you want. It is fiddley but it can be done.

Glenn Horrocks

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