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wan UNIMAP December 5, 2007 21:38

structure won't appear
Hi guys,

im a new user for ANSYS and now im using the ansys 11.0. Now im doing the CFX mesh tutorial under tutorial no2.i have a problem to view the 60 deg of bend structure after click the genarate icon and actually before i click genarate, i can view the bend wireframe structure appear in my graphic area.Anybody can give me tip on this? Thank you and have a nice day.

tchuss wan,Unimap

Glenn Horrocks December 6, 2007 17:17

Re: structure won't appear

What is the problem? I don't understand what you are asking.

Glenn Horrocks

wan December 6, 2007 20:36

Re: structure won't appear
Hi Glenn,

Thank you for your reply and sorry to make you confius because of my english.Let me try to explain the problem again.

Now im in the middle of doing the CFX mesh-tutorial2:Static Mixer (Refined Mesh) and the problem happen when i come to below step(icopy from tutorial). It shlould appear a pipe with 60 degree bend but after hit the generate it won't appear.

i hope your can understand what im try to say.Sorry and thank you for your time.

step: The Revolve operation requires the specification of a rotation axis. Since this rotation will not be around any of the main coordinate axes, a sketch containing a single line to act as the required axis will be created.

1.Select the new plane (Plane4) in the Tree View, and create a new sketch based on this plane by using the New Sketch button on the Active Plane/Sketch toolbar located above the Graphics window.

2.Select the Sketching tab.

3.Click on Settings, in the Sketching tab to open the Settings toolbox.

4.Click on Grid and select Show in 2D and Snap.

5.Click on Major Grid Spacing and set it to 1.

6.Click on Minor-Steps per Major and set it to 2.

7.From the Draw toolbox, select Line and then create a line which is parallel to the Y-axis and is positioned at x = 2 m. You can use the grid settings to position this line. The length of the line and the exact position of its end points are not important since it is only going to be used to define a rotation axis.

8.Select Revolve from the 3D Features toolbar.

9.In the Details View, click next to Base Object and then click on the name of the plane that you have just created (Plane4) in the Tree View. Click Apply in the Details View.

10.In the Details View, click next to Axis and then click on the name of the sketch that you have just created (Sketch4) in the Tree View. Click Apply in the Details View.

11.Set Angle to 60 degrees.

12.Click on Generate to create the revolve.

Glenn Horrocks December 13, 2007 16:16

Re: structure won't appear

The tutorials should work providing you follow them carefully. I suspect you should start the tutorial again and make sure you have not missed a step.

Glenn Horrocks

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