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Luk December 6, 2007 04:22

Interphase boundary??
Hi all, I have following problem. I want to simulate two phase flow with dense and viscous fluid in the bottom and hot air blowing on the top of it. The key factor is heating the dense fluid by hot air but I predict that there is no inlfluence of the strong jet of the air on surface of the dense fluid (in real) however I think that it may be a problem for convergence to catch this small influence of momentum transfer. Here is my question: - is this possible to separate (or set any option in CFX) to ensure heat transfer through the boundary of both fluids but to prevent momentum transfer? - if it is not possible how to set up a problem to ensure fast convergence? I must say that there is big number of elements here and I cant make so many mesh trials and so on because of rush.

Very thanks, Luk

Glenn Horrocks December 6, 2007 18:16

Re: Interphase boundary??

You can set the fluid up as one domain and the gas as another then join them with an interface. You should also be able to run this as a single phase model as each domain only has one phase present. This is will be much quicker to run than a full multiphase model.

Glenn Horrocks

Luk December 6, 2007 18:22

Re: Interphase boundary??
Hi Glenn I hoped You join answer. Yes, I plan to run not exactly multiphase model but rather multi domain of different phases as You said. According to Your advice it is good idae since I have realy big model here and want as smooth convergence as possible.


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