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Pankaj December 24, 2007 03:49

Multiphase Simulation
Hello Everybody!

I am working on a continuous-dispersed phase simulation,where i tried a lot but can not reach to a convereged solution. In post i can see phases separating but with lot of imbalances.

Any help regarding this is welcome.

A. Al-zoubi December 24, 2007 11:52

Re: Multiphase Simulation
Hi Pankaj,

It is much helpful to try transient simulation. Also take care of the location and type of boundary conditions.



pankaj December 31, 2007 02:30

Re: Multiphase Simulation
Hi all!

I think this is really a tough task for me. I have referred some literature and I have found that many peoples use popuation balance for multiphase simulations where they lack convergence.

And some peoples have derived/developed their own emiricals (experiments based) for their runs to get a solution. so they have modified the inbuild models to suit their purpose.

If their is anyone in this forum with such experience,it will be very helpful to me in my project.

Now my question is,can i use Free surface,Musig model at once with a multiphase simulation,(see i am working with 3 comp,2 phase and after interactions,there is separation of those phases in the domain itself). if yes/not,then what should be the modifications i need to do? waiting for a clue.

Regards, Pankaj.

Pratap Kumar DVS January 2, 2008 07:26

Re: Multiphase Simulation
Three compositions means its some how difficult to do in any CFD commercial codes... I dont think we can do in CFX 10. But CFX 11 might be possible, Check it once with CFX support team.......... Any way try for that ... Good luck ...

Best Regards, Pratap Kumar DVS

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