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Se-Hee December 27, 2007 02:00

Poisson equation combined with transport equation

I am trying to solve my physical setup with additional variables. The equations are as

Div ( k (-Grad (Phi))) = q : Poisson equation

D(q)/D(t) + Div (q * mu * (-Grad (Phi))) =0 : Continuity equation for q

with q(t=0)=0

where Div represents the divergence operator, Grad represents the gradient operator, k and mu are constants, Phi is an unknown variable, q is an input source, and D( ) represents partial derivative notation. Initially, there is no source, q, in a problem domain. The source q will be injected into the domain from a boundary surface with time.

Is it possible to solve this problem setup with CFX 11? I highly appreciate if you can provide me any related hints, ideas, and examples. I am stuck in this problem. Even I cannot solve the Poisson equation.

Many thanks, Se-Hee

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