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KM December 27, 2007 19:03

should one of the two outlets be 'opening'?

I am trying to simulate single phase (water) flow in a single cone cyclone. It has got one inlet and two outlets.

Should I specify one of these two outlets as 'opening'?

I felt to ask this question because the ANSYS CFX-Solver Modeling Guide (Release 11) Page 51 first paragraph says that "with more than two inflows or outflows, the other openings should be of the boundary type 'Opening'. This is because the flow at these other boundaries could in general be in or out, and the direction will be part of the solution."

Can some body help me to understand its meaning?

Many Thanks,

Regards, KM

Omer January 1, 2008 04:12

Re: should one of the two outlets be 'opening'?
It would be problem specific depending on your physical conditions. Do you have a inflow in one of the two outlets?

Pratap Kumar DVS January 2, 2008 07:03

Re: should one of the two outlets be 'opening'?
Both outlets you give as an Opening BC, That will gives you the better solution , than giving thg the one as opening.

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