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eslam January 9, 2008 07:58

Value above interpolation range, ERROR #001100279
Hi everybody I used from step function in inlet, but I give this error, ERROR #001100279: Value above interpolation range Do you know what does that mean?

full error messege:

PROBLEM ENCOUNTERED WHEN EXECUTING CFX EXPRESSION LANGUAGE The CFX expression language was evaluating:U The problem was: Value above interpolation range

FURTHER INFORMATION The problem was encountered in executing the expression for: vspeed The complete expression is: wn270s(z)*(step((t-0[s])/1[s])-step((t-10[s])/1[s]))+wn260s(z)... The error occurs on sub-expression:160[s]

CycLone January 9, 2008 15:53

Re: Value above interpolation range, ERROR #001100
It looks like you have interpolation functions: wn270s(z) and wn260(z). If the value of z is above or below the values you specified, the interpolation will fail.

On the interpolation function dialog box, check the "Extend min" and "Extend max" boxes if you want it to extend the max or min values for values above or below the specified range.


eslam January 10, 2008 14:58

Re: Value above interpolation range, ERROR #001100
thanks CycLone, it's true, extended box must be checked

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