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Teerapat January 15, 2008 02:40

Fluid-Structure interaction problem in CFX
I would like to simulate following on Finite element analysis of fluid motion with an oscillating structural system, Tienfuan Kerh, J.J. Lee & L.C. Wellford. This Journal study single degree of freedom by natural frequency = 1 and damping factor = 0. I use ANSYS CFX to solve this case. But I found error as running. CFX shown "002100012 has occurred in subroutine cVolSec message" and post process shown damage mesh. If you can solve my trouble, pls contact me. Thank you for advance.

Glenn Horrocks January 15, 2008 17:47

Re: Fluid-Structure interaction problem in CFX

Is this a negative volume element error message? In that case you need to look at the mesh smoothing algorithm to stop the mesh folding.

Glenn Horrocks

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