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Usman January 17, 2008 14:20

Periodic boundary!

I am simulating a flow in a duct with 4 cubes inside it. My supervisor had asked me to first use the normal boundary conditions (inlet and outlet) and then later switch to periodic boundary condition. However my solver always crashes when i run my case with normal BC. However, it seems to be running fine with periodic BC.

My question is how critical it is to set up periodic BC right at the out set of simulation. Is it going to affect my results when i have not run my case with normal BC in the first place?

My supervisor is not here otherwise i would have asked him about it! Thanks in advance!


Usman January 17, 2008 14:58

Re: Periodic boundary!
When i try to run my simulation solver carshes with following error messaage: "Error in subroutine CAL_TAUWALL_LAM". Anbody knows what that means or how to solve this problem! Thank you very much


Glenn Horrocks January 17, 2008 17:40

Re: Periodic boundary!

The error looks like some sort of wall friction error. Check the wall boundary conditions are correctly set and the boundary conditions are well-posed.

Glenn Horrocks

Usman January 17, 2008 18:12

Re: Periodic boundary!
Ok! Thanks

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