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Usman January 17, 2008 18:20

Result and trn files!
Every time i stop and re-start the solver it creates a new result (res) file. As a result i am not able to use all the trn files for animation that CFX has created in old res file. In time step selector only new trn files appear. Is there a way around this!

Regards Usman

UnderwaterAlex January 17, 2008 18:26

Re: Result and trn files!
If you collect all the trn files from various starts and restarts of the same run into the same directory associated with a .res file, then CFX-Post will automatically load them when it loads the .res file.

Usman January 17, 2008 18:43

Re: Result and trn files!
CFX automatically creates a new folder every time i re-start the solver because it creates a new res file. Do you mean i should copy and paste all the trn files in my very last res folder!

Thanks Usman

UnderwaterAlex January 17, 2008 18:53

Re: Result and trn files!

CycLone January 18, 2008 12:32

Enough with the exclamation points ! ! !
Is everything you do urgent!!!!

Usman January 18, 2008 13:42

Re: Enough with the exclamation points ! ! !
Yeh kind of! If it annoys you Cyclone i wont do it anymore. Happy!

Regards Usman

Usman January 18, 2008 13:56

Re: Enough with the exclamation points ! ! !
On a more serious note cycLone, i wish you could visit the CFX forum more often because your answers really help the beginners like myself.


Phil January 21, 2008 09:43

Re: Result and trn files!
Or use the 'load additional files' option from the timestep selector in Post to load all the previous trn files...

CycLone January 21, 2008 18:10

Re: Enough with the exclamation points ! ! !
I'm glad to be of help and participate when I can.

Usman January 21, 2008 18:16

Re: Result and trn files!
Thank you phil


rezendervp September 27, 2013 21:38

The last release 12 and 12.1 (I'm not right about 13, 14 and 14.5 releases) the simple copy and paste into the new res folder no longer works better. The trn now contains the trn files of the run just to avoid the copy and past of large data, and the last is no longer available. But sometimes CFD-post does not link all res folders. If the simulation crash and you restart, certainly it does not work. ( Verify if in the Load Case the option " Load complete history as A SINGLE CASE" is checked)

You also can try to Add time steps in Timestep Selector, but generally not works properly. This is a bad trouble if you try to post processing using Ensight, only files of the run will be load. ANSYS has developed a fix tool do work around this. CombineTRNinfo.exe is the tool. It write the last trn information into the next res file, so the copy and past trn into new folder will work again, and you can post processing using Ensight if you want. Ask for the ANSYS customer support to acquire the .exe.

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