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Usman January 21, 2008 16:16

Reset LES statistics

How can i re-set my LES statistics. Am i suppose to delet old statistics and then create new ones or do i just click "Add new item" and create "Transient statistics 2". How does it work?

I am doing this because my RMS values are higher than experimental values. I am assuming it is so because my RMS values have not yet reached steady state.

Thanks for help Usman

CycLone January 21, 2008 18:17

Re: Reset LES statistics
Hi Usman,

You can either create a new Transient Statistics output object (and disable the old one by setting the iteration limits), or you can interpolate your existing solution onto a new def file at startup.

Resetting the statistics won't reduce your RMS values though. It sounds like you need to run the simulation out longer. I assume you are referring to the RMS values of the statistics, not the residuals. Right?


Usman January 21, 2008 18:33

Re: Reset LES statistics
Hi Cyclone

Yes i am referring to rms values of statistics. I seem to have re-set the statistics right by setting up the iteration limits.

I am simulating a LES solution on a duct with four ribs inside. My mean velocity profiles match exactly with DNS and experimental data but i am getting rms values a bit too high. I thought running the simulation for longer with new rms values would solve the problem. This is why i have re-set statistics. Am i heading in right direction?

Thanks for your reply Usman

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