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Melvin January 22, 2008 02:14

Mesh continuity between domains

Is it a must to ensure that the interface between 2 domains have roughly the same number of nodes?

I'm using extruded 2d mesh for one domain with 10 layers while the other domain is using tet mesh so i'd have to make the elements at the interface of the latter very small in order to match the number of nodes.

CycLone January 22, 2008 12:30

Re: Mesh continuity between domains
Hi Melvin,

The only requirement is that the interfaces are on matching surfaces, although the boundary of the surfaces don't need to line up.

If the mesh changes, there will be some loss of resolution (or increase if going from coarse to fine), but the conserved quantities will still be conserved (mass, momentum, enthalpy, etc.). You'll be fine as long as you have enough mesh on either side to resolve the flow accurately.


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