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Ben January 23, 2008 14:46

Problem with Output to .cfx5 mesh
I have generated a mesh using ICEM, and I had check the volume mesh as well as the surface mesh on the domain. It looks fine , and just like what I would expected. Then, I use the Output option to write the solver file into .cfx5 mesh file. However, when I open and import the mesh into CFX-Pre, the mesh show some irregularities on some surfaces, i.e. some triangle weird shape like mesh. But, then I examine the mesh again in ICEM, it is pecfectly fine in there, but in CFX-Pre is different. I am just wondering what could possibly be the problem, or what could possibly be the cause of that?


Usman January 23, 2008 16:44

Re: Problem with Output to .cfx5 mesh
Did you smooth your mesh in ICEM? You have to make there are no unconnected vertices.


Ben January 23, 2008 17:12

Re: Problem with Output to .cfx5 mesh
yes, i had done the smooth mesh globally, the process was completed without any errors. However, when i tried to do smooth hexahedral mesh - orthogonal, there is an error "segmentation violation - exiting after doing an emergency save", so i was not able to do the smooth hexahedral mesh. Then, i tried to repair the mesh with "build mesh topology", and then tried the smooth hexahedral mesh again. However, still get the same error messege, and the program exits. So, the problem will be with my current mesh, or i forget something while doing the mesh?


Glenn Horrocks January 24, 2008 17:35

Re: Problem with Output to .cfx5 mesh

Check the elements on the boundary conditions are correctly sorted into parts. ICEM sometimes mixes them up.

Glenn Horrocks

sherkhan January 24, 2008 18:47

CFX post 10
I have problem that i can not get the concentration of aditional variable at the outlet. Can somebody helpme

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