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Joe January 24, 2008 04:39

Design Modeler to ICEM.....

I need to mesh my cyclone's geometry in ICEM which has been created in Design Modeler. The geometry consists one small diameter pipe inserted in the bigger cylindrical shell up to certain depth. In Design Modeler, I create both the cylindrical pipes and then use the 'Enclosure' option to make them two different bodies but connected inside one PART so that mesh would be connected at the joining face of both cylinders. This geometry has been working great in CFX-Mesh and meshing was not an issue.

Now when I import the same geometry in ICEM, I suspect that 'Enclosure' properties have been lost. I am not understanding what to do next? The terms such as 'Part', 'Body' in ICEM seem to have different significance than CFX-Mesh.

What procedure should I follow in ICEM in order to use the DesignModeler geometry? I have got some idea from tutorials that I need to delete surfaces, points and then repair the geometry. But what do terms like 'part', 'body', 'materail point' mean in ICEM? How to name the faces for boundary conditions in ICEM (in CFX-Mesh, composite 2D regions serve the purpose...I want to know to the equivalent in ICEM).....

In short, I know CFX-Mesh, Gambit for mesh creation and the Design Modeler for geometry creation. But transition to ICEM looks complicated. Your help will push me forward in my studies.

Thank a lot in advance,

Kind Regards, Joe

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