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kaama February 1, 2008 18:34

LES turbulence models
Is there any other turbulence model that we can choose in CFX other than Smagorinsky's model. If CFX provides only smagorinsky's model for LES then it puts a serious question mark on its capability with respect to LES. Would you guys agree?


Dre February 1, 2008 22:18

Re: LES turbulence models
In CFX-Pre, go to Edit -> Options -> CFX-PRE and check the "Enable Beta Features" -> Apply

You should now see 3 LES models :

- Smagorinsky - WALE - Dynamic Model

kaama February 2, 2008 08:08

Re: LES turbulence models
How come there is no info on these models in documentation. When we need to select our turbulence model under domain profile even then we see only smagorinsky model. When i did not find any info on these models i assumed CFX only does Smagorinsky model.

I am kind of embarrased now because i have been using CFX for four months and i cosistently told my supervisor that CFX only does smagorinsky's model. Thank you Dre


Glenn Horrocks February 3, 2008 17:48

Re: LES turbulence models

The additional models are beta features and therefore not discussed in the manual. They area also not guaranteed to be bug-free - again they are beta features only. There are lots of hidden features like this in CFX, so if you want to do something which is not discussed in the manual it is always worth talking to CFX support about it as it might be a beta beta which is hidden.

Also, in your case most LES SGS models are quite simple and could fairly easily be written and put into CFX. Just because Smagorinsky is the only model listed does not mean that is the only model it can do.

Glenn Horrocks

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