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CFDUSERIN February 2, 2008 10:23

license error
Dear CFX user..

i have installed ANSYS CFX 11 SP1 version in linux machine.. now i am getting license check out failed error, when opening the def. file in CFX pre. But there is no problem in running ansys license manager. it is running properly and shows available license status.

and also getting the following the errors in CFX solver

ERROR #001100247 has occurred in subroutine . | | Message: |

| The solver is unable to continue because of licensing problems. | | |

| A license for the following capability level could not be checked out:

| Node Limited Basic Capability Solver

| Please carefully examine the error message output above and check

| 1) LM_LICENSE_FILE points to the correct license server

| 2) The ".flexlmrc" file points to the correct license server

| 3) The required capabililty exists on the license server

| 4) The license server is up and running.

with regards


Glenn Horrocks February 3, 2008 17:43

Re: license error

Check the license manager to see if the solver is checked out. Sometimes the licenses do not check themselves back in again properly. Check the license manager log file, that may also help.

99% of licensing problems like this are fixed by shutting the the license server machine down and starting up again. A bit brutal and it can be done far more elegantly if you know how to drive license servers but it works and is simple.

Glenn Horrocks

jesse February 4, 2008 10:39

Re: license error
cos you are using cracked license,

disinstall Flexlm COMPLETELY, reinstall

CFDUSERIN February 5, 2008 05:53

Re: license error
Dear friends..

i don't have crack version.. i have reinstalled the FlemLM after complete uninstall of FlexLM still i am not able to run..


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