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Adam February 3, 2008 00:21

Mesh Refinement Help...sort of
I came across the following in the help files while trying to refine a 2D Mesh (one element thick 3D Mesh):

"If adaption is applied to a 3D mesh that is one element thick, an error will result. In order to work around this, set the environment variable CFX5_REFINER_NO_TRICOLUMNS to 1 before starting ANSYS CFX-Pre."

I assume this has a lot to do with the solver failures I am getting in regards to the mesh refinement. So how do I to set this environment variable: CFX5_REFINER_NO_TRICOLUMNS to 1? If this is really the best way to refine my mesh.

I am working with CFXv10 through Workbench with a Windows OS.

Thanks in advance.

Glenn Horrocks February 3, 2008 17:38

Re: Mesh Refinement Help...sort of

In windows, control panel/system; then select the Advanced tab and click environment variables. Make a new system environment variable, name "CFX5_REFINER_NO_TRICOLUMNS", and a value of 1. You then have to shut down CFX (including the launcher) and ANSYS and when you start it up again it should be activated.

Glenn Horrocks

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