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Ken February 5, 2008 02:28

Modelling cylinder in CFX

Does anyone knows any good examples or tutorials or has any idea on how to model a cylinder using CFX ?

I am planning to start with a 2d model first before going to 3d model, is that a good idea? or they are totally different?

jakjak February 5, 2008 08:27

Re: Modelling cylinder in CFX
Can you be more specific? what kind of flow condition you are looking to simulate with a cylinder? e.g. flow inside a cylinder? flow across/along a cylinder??

Ken February 5, 2008 19:58

Re: Modelling cylinder in CFX
i am looking on flow around a cylinder, first with 2d cylinder (which is basically a cylinder) then with a 3d cylinder, which will include free surface effects. Any nice examples or tips on doing these?

Will really appreciate if you can help.


Nathan February 6, 2008 06:47

Re: Modelling cylinder in CFX

one tip - in order to capture unsteady vortex shedding (in 2D) I found it was sometimes necessary to provide a perturbation - e.g. by using a step function in CEL to set up an asymmetric initial condition.


Dre February 6, 2008 12:12

Re: Modelling cylinder in CFX
If you are interested in vortex shedding, I wasn't able to get any with a turbulent flow. However, laminar works nicely.

Nathan February 6, 2008 12:36

Re: Modelling cylinder in CFX
I've modelled vortex shedding in turbulent flow using the k-epsilon model, if I remember correctly.

Ken February 12, 2008 22:02

Re: Modelling cylinder in CFX
Do you still have the CFX files? Did you do that in 3d? Will really appreciate it if i can have the files by sending them to my email.... <>

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