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Marios Vlad February 5, 2008 22:02

Modelling the Heat flow inside the curing oven

I am an undergraduate student and i made the mistake of undertaking as my final year project to model the heat flow and temperature distribution inside a curing oven. The problem is i dont have any previous knowledge of Ansys CFX 11.0 and thats the only CFD program they have in my university. At the moment i am going through the tutorials of CFX as to get an understanding of the program. I have designed all the parts using CATIA v5. Right now i am trying to obtain the mass flow rate and CFX meshes.

The oven is a large Forced convection Gas Curing oven which is used for curing organic painted bottles that are moving on top of a conveyor system. The exchanger provides the gas inside the oven and also reheats the air inside. The temperature inside the oven is 220 Celsious and the air inside the oven altenates 4 times in one minute . There are two large axial fans that pull the air from inside the oven and the heat exchanger and supply the hot air down a central distribution duct that has as to drive the hot air onto the bottles that follow a path of a conveyor system. An air-air heat exchanger is used inside the system.The flow inside the oven is laminar. There are two gates inside the oven where the bottles enter the oven after they have been painted at a temperature of 20 Celsious and an exit gate when the bottles exit the oven at a temperature of 60 deegrees celsious to be cooled down . i have included a Picture of the oven which is courtesy of Glass Coat Ltd.

Can anybody quide me on how to go about it? i know i ask too much of you but any sort of help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. Looking forward for your expert knowledge.

Rogerio Fernandes Brito February 6, 2008 08:11

Re: Modelling the Heat flow inside the curing oven
What´s your real doubt?

Could you please send me your file (.db;.cfx;.ccl;,,,) to see what you are studying?

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