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dcwnj February 6, 2008 15:39

Changing default values
I was wondering if there is a way of changing the default values for CFX on a couple of things. For instance, the default domain - reference pressure defaults to 101325 Pa. I would like to default several things like that differently. Any one know how to do that?

opaque February 6, 2008 16:46

Re: Changing default values
Dear dcwnj

If you do not mind messing around with the installation, you can modify the [install_directory]/etc/RULES file.

Search for

PARAMETER: Reference Pressure

and change the default value from 1 [atm] to whatever you want.

Not all the default values are in that file. Some are in the [install_directory]/etc/CFXPrePhysics.ccl file as well.

As usual, before modifying original files you must back them up in case you something goes awfully wrong.


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