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UnderwaterAlex February 8, 2008 18:03

CFX GUI Background Colors
I have what perhaps is a stupid question/problem with CFX Post right now. Running CFX-11 SP1 on Red Hat. I have a background color/mouse mapping configuration that I settled on after some trial and error. But there is one animation I make where I change the background color to get a vehicle body looking the way I want, and this configuration is saved in a state (.cst) file. My problem is that whenever I open this state file, the CFXPreferences.ccl file changes the background color permanently, so the next time I open CFX Post, I get that color scheme. What is really maddening is that if I just open a state file that had my original color scheme, the ccl file does not auto update for some reason so I have to go back and manually set the colors again or update the CFXPreferences.ccl file. Sorry, I am a very particular person (maybe most CFDers are) but it is really bothering me right now.

Things I have tried: changing permissions on the .cfx/CFXPrefences.ccl file to read only - which crashes CFX-Post (thank you Ansys). Also trying to figure out how to set CFX defaults so I can at least just click on that button under the options menu and get back my desired scheme.

If anyone knows how to tell CFX to just leave the CFXPreferences.ccl file alone, or if it is possible to change the CFX Defaults button under edit-options-viewer I would love to hear about it. Or if you know something even more clever that would be great too.



CycLone February 11, 2008 14:17

Re: CFX GUI Background Colors
When Post is launched, it reads the CFXPostInit.ccl file in ANSYS_Inc/v110/CFX/etc/. You could add the requisite CCL snippet to the end of this file to reset the viewer to your defaults. The CCL objects and parameters you would need are:
CFX 11 0:
Global Edge Colour = 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000
Global Text Colour = 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000
Viewer Axis Visibility = On
Viewer Background Colour = 0.419608, 0.549020, 0.870588
Viewer Background Colour 2 = 1.000000, 1.000000, 1.000000
Viewer Background Colour Type = Top-Bottom Gradient
Viewer Background Image File =
Viewer Ruler Visibility = On
END # CFX 11 0:


UnderwaterAlex February 12, 2008 13:09

Re: CFX GUI Background Colors
Thanks Cyclone, that was super helpful. Unfortunately, I work for a large company and don't have superuser privileges to alter this file (boo), and my system administrator is not too keen on the idea of changing these files. Investigating this option did lead to our compromise, which is to add a button to the cfx launcher using the User.ccl file in /v110/CFX/etc/launcher which will automatically copy a CFXPreferences.ccl file that is properly configured to the appropriate location. Not nearly as slick as your suggestion, but should get the job done without too much work on my part. Great tip as usual though!


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