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Ramcharan February 13, 2008 08:27

Source and Source coefficient

I feel that source and source coeffcient have not been documented properly in CFX. I have a doubt and I will take an example to explain that.

We know that a source "S" when linearized takes the form S = Sc+Sp.phi where phi is the variable being solved and Sp = dS_by_dphi (partial derivative). This should be negative. Sc = S - (Sp*phi)

For example, consider S = - (B * phi*phi)where phi is the variable and B is a constant. According to CFX

Is source = (B*phi*phi) and source coefficient = (-2*B*phi)


source = -(B*phi*phi) and source coeffcient = (-2*B*phi)

Finally I want to ask if source in CFX terms means S or Sc as per above discussion. Please clarify.

Regards, Ramcharan.

Regards, Ramcharan

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