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Chris Wetton February 13, 2008 11:35

Post Processing free surface flows
Hi, im currently simulating the Dam Break Problem using the VOF method in CFX. However I am having a problem in post processing with seeing my results. I have created a plane volume in box (used to model the dam break problem) yet only seem to see fluid at the edges of this. I have put a second plane in the centre of the box to check there is fluid which works, however I want to simulate the fluid as a whole. Any help would be appriciated. Chris

UnderwaterAlex February 13, 2008 15:02

Re: Post Processing free surface flows
Hi Chris,

Add a Volume location and change method to Isovolume, set variable to Water.Volume Fraction, value to .5, and change mode to "above value". That should give you the idea, then you can play with the options to get it just right. Also, you can change the contour colormap to "blue to white" for planes, etc to get it to look like water as well. I hope this answers your question.


Chris Wetton February 14, 2008 09:14

Re: Post Processing free surface flows
Hi Alex, thanks for that good news is it works so now just having a play with it to try to make it less "blocky" to create some cool looking animations. Thanks again. chris

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