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Ken February 18, 2008 20:37

free surface flow same as FSI???

I am currently planning to model a 3d cylinder, with a free stream of water flowing past the cylinder, with free surface effects as well as the 'splashing' of waves on the cylinder wall. My main aim is to examine the forces on the cylinder wall over time.

So, my question is, do i use free surface flow together with fluid structure interaction (FSI)? or applying the free surface flow is appropriate to find the force on the structure. Or FSI must be apply to find the forces on the cylinder?

Thanks in advance, Ken

myron February 18, 2008 20:43

Re: free surface flow same as FSI???
FSI is used when you want the structure either to move or to deform. If the structure has no motion of any kind - doesn't move as a rigid body and doesn't deform - you don't need FSI.

The pressures integrated over areas give you the forces.

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