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Nikhil February 19, 2008 05:43

pipe flow- meshing in ICEM CFD?

I have been unable to find literature on blocking. How do i perform blocking on a cylindrical pipe?

Gen February 19, 2008 08:30

Re: pipe flow- meshing in ICEM CFD?
You can find many examples here: Main Menu/Tutorial Manual Common actions:Tool bar Blocking/Create block Blocking/Split block/O grid block Blocking/Pre-mesh params/Edge params Outline tree Blocking/Premesh(right click)/Recompute Blocking/Premesh(right click)/Convert to Unstructured Mesh Tool bar Output/Select solver (Ansys CFX) Output/Write Input Good luck

jeevan kumar February 29, 2008 07:14

Re: pipe flow- meshing in ICEM CFD?
Blocking Select Blocking > Create Block > Initialize Block . Choose 3D Bounding Box from the Type pull down if not already set. Enter FLUID in the Part name, and make sure Orient to geometry is OFF. Press Apply to initialize the first block around everything.

Figure 3-181 Initialize Block Window

Note: If nothing is selected in the entities window. Then by default it takes all the entities.

To achieve the "L"-shaped blocking topology shape for the elbow, the user will make two block splits and discard a block. Deleting a block without "permanently" checked will only move the block to VORFN.

Turn ON Curves from the Display Tree and select Blocking > Split Block > Split Block to open the window shown below. The Split method should be set as Screen select by default. Create splits as shown below by selecting any edge that you want the split to run perpendicular through. Press Apply, and then select a location for the split to run through, and press the middle mouse button to accept. Make two splits as shown in the figure below.

Figure 3-182 Split blocking window

Figure 3-183 The two Block Splits

Next, select Blocking > Delete Block , and select the block shown highlighted below. Delete permanently should be turned OFF, then press Apply.

Figure 3-184 Deleting a block


Fitting the Blocking to the Geometry

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