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Steven February 23, 2008 07:10

CFX fatal error

In addition to my GUI problem a stated earlier, i am also getting a fatal error described in a previous post, which was acredited to vista, however im using XP! The error occurs at differnt stages during CFX, does not occur anywhere else in workbench, ie ICEM, Multiphysics etc

Any help much appreciated! I never had this problem using my desktop it only occurs on my laptop, wondered if it might be insuffuceint HD space? Or is it possibly an unsupported GFX card? I have and ati 2400HD 128 mb card and 120Gb HD (have vista and xp installed on seperate partitions)

Error The application has encountered an unexpected problem and will now terminate:

Aborting due to unexpected exception: bad allocation

Please report this error, along with the circumstances in which it occurred.

The following information may be useful to CFX support:

Unexpected error: Aborting due to unexpected exception: bad allocation The error occurred at the following location: 00f10bd2 libCUEGuiApplication ConfigStoreBase::ConfigStoreBase + 0x3c2 (no file) 39d5a17b qt-mt334 QObject::activate_signal + 0xc6 (no file) 39f5150c qt-mt334 QButton::clicked + 0x16 (no file) 39d2c2f7 qt-mt334 QApplication::internalNotify + 0x125 (no file) 39d2bd9c qt-mt334 QApplication::notify + 0x1f3 (no file) 39d081ec qt-mt334 QApplication::sendSpontaneousEvent + 0x20 (no file) 39d03b15 qt-mt334 QApplication::winFocus + 0x4b1 (no file) 7e418734 USER32 GetDC + 0x6d (no file) 7e418816 USER32 GetDC + 0x14f (no file) 7e4189cd USER32 GetWindowLongW + 0x127 (no file) 7e418a10 USER32 DispatchMessageW + 0xf (no file) 39d0d7ed qt-mt334 QEventLoop::processEvents + 0x1c9 (no file) 39d3548a qt-mt334 QEventLoop::enterLoop + 0x34 (no file) 00f6753c libCUEGuiApplication cue::QTApplication::unexpectedError + 0x1ec (no file) 00f672ec libCUEGuiApplication cue::QTApplication::exec + 0x5c (no file) 7c816fd7 kernel32 RegisterWaitForInputIdle + 0x49 (no file)

Thanks Steve

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