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mike February 27, 2008 00:14

Mesh Displacement error

I am try to model an oscillating plate in a fluid flow. I get this error when solving:

A negative ELEMENT volume has been detected. This is a fatal | | error and execution will be terminated.

I've increased the mesh stiffness with respect to small volumes. What would be a good method to solve this error?

Fusion February 27, 2008 08:13

Re: Mesh Displacement error
You need to better check your mesh, sometimes meshing codes create "negative" volume elements or cells with a volume smaller that some tolerance. In ICEM I found two different types of generated errors: a block-refined mesh in which some blocks have a wrong volume orientation, or a tetra mesh in which the code introduces volume errors by means of displacing nodes in smoothing operation or during a "delete last operation" process. The former type of error can be easily removed automatically using the "check mesh" procedure; while the latter needs you to manually repair your mesh if possible, if not you have to restart creating your mesh.

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