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Vikram February 27, 2008 04:55

ICEM Tetra Speed

I need some help on the speed of ICEM Tetra on a Windows XP 64 bit machine. I find that whenever I start the meshing process, CPU usage shown in the task manager is very low and the mesh generation takes a lot of time. I know it has something to do with settings in ICEM but if someone can share their experience on this it will be really nice.

Thanks in advance. Vikram

Glenn Horrocks February 27, 2008 17:32

Re: ICEM Tetra Speed

It probably means your machine has run out of RAM and is using the page file. This will be very slow compared to the same task in RAM.

How much RAM do you have and how big is the mesh?

Glenn Horrocks

Vikram February 28, 2008 01:28

Re: ICEM Tetra Speed
Hi Glenn,

The RAM is 4 GB dual processor and the mesh size is some 2 million. There are clearance gaps and ribs to cope with.

But ICEM Tetra has an option for 2 processor usage. We can select 2 processors in the general settings menu. This speeds up the mesh generation to quite an extent.

Thanks, Vikram

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