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Luk February 29, 2008 05:12

Urgent Problem with Hypermesh and CFX
Hi all, I have strange problem with exporting mesh from Hypermesh to Ansys CFX. I'll try to describe it: - I have a very simple model of cube, with airflow through, - I preapre surface mesh in HM, - from these surface elemens I perform volume meshing (in HM also) with prism boundary layers, forming PENTA ELEMENTS. - when I export it to CFX (through nastran format) I found that there are holes inside model just next to boundary layers. I was digging here a little bit and found that this is because there are pyramid5 elements which are not handled by nastran template in HM, - going back to HM i decided to split every penta5 element into two tetra4 elements. This division is performed such a way, that penta5 side with 4 nodes is split into halves and shared between tetras. My problem is that if I export it to CFX it produeces faces on these surfaces (split sides of penta5 elements). Now I have no holes in geometry, but there are surfaces inside the cube (like plane elements for boundaries).

Can anyone any experience how to handle this problem? I would be very grateful for help because matter is very urgent.


CycLone February 29, 2008 09:49

Re: Urgent Problem with Hypermesh and CFX
Try exporting through CGNS.

Luk February 29, 2008 10:18

Re: Urgent Problem with Hypermesh and CFX
Thanks for Your help but I simply must ask this question: how to do that from HM? I have HM 7.0 and there is no such option for export nor for template to load. It would be very real great to solve it.


CycLone February 29, 2008 11:30

Re: Urgent Problem with Hypermesh and CFX
I have no idea, have you contacted Hypermesh support?

Luk February 29, 2008 11:40

Re: Urgent Problem with Hypermesh and CFX
At the moment I am trying to do it myself. I found that, there are only 3 templates in hm (for hm, pamcrash and madymo) which can handle the pyramid5 elements properly.


kamalhasan.kasi March 14, 2008 04:59

help me please
hi i got one component with 10 mm client asked me to that do with 5mm mesh with in a short time.shall re mesh 10mm to 5 mm. if do like this will i get any problem in Q.C.and will it come as per the geometry.

thanking u,

yours obediently,


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